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At EMD FITNESS, our approach is what makes us the best Boxing Gym in MENA Region. We asked ourselves what is vitally important to our clients, and we arrived at a method that is efficient and effective. Our staff is always evolving and learning new ways to get you to your goal. At EMD FITNESS, we will help you get where you want to go.

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Improve your kids’ physical strength and boost their self-confidence in this boxing membership!

Boxing provides a good outlet for kids’ high-energy nature. Throughout the training sessions, kids will learn how to use the sport not to hurt others, and instead, develop discipline and use the training only in appropriate situations. With professional instructors guiding them and with use of full safety gear, kids are assured that they will learn within a safe and fun environment.

Boxing Session


Improve your strength with boxing! This training will teach you both basic and professional techniques that you can practice in a sparring session with your trainer. boxing also has physical and mental benefits including enhanced flexibility, endurance, and improved balance & coordination. You will also learn how to apply the techniques of self-defense in real-life emergency situations.



Get A feel for the real deal, Joining here will give you an idea to what you can expect in our classes. As well as booking a session in your free time and when you desire even if you don't have a membership. 

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Step foot in an Ultimate Performance gym.

We eliminate self-imposed barriers, to help you achieve a level of health and wellbeing you never thought possible, no matter your starting point.

We are your partner and coach, supporting every aspect of training and nutrition



Specific programs designed to get you to your goals. All of that while enjoying your time and blowing off steam. We offer a diverse collection of Special programs. 

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Ladies Classes

Ladies Classes is a very important part of our Boxing gym, We have a dedicated area for ladies with a separate entrance, You Will now be able to train in the right environment and achieve all your dreams, to build a great body and be able to defend yourself. 

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Ras Al Khor Complex - showroom number 9 Dubai


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